Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

We were making a last-minute run to the grocery store New Years Eve, and this was what the rear-view mirror of our neighbor’s vintage truck was showing me. I guess it gets the message across?

Shot with my Nokia phone, then cropped, converted to 16-bit TIFF, then run through Luminance HDR and saved as a final JPG.

Happy new year to all that celebrate it, regardless of just when you consider the new year as beginning.


Some candles and smoke

From Halau Wa’a Episcopal Church’s Christmas Eve service, 24 December 2022. Processed in high-dynamic range (HDR) using Luminance HDR. It brings out the candle smoke. The “candles” are actually those anti-mosquito citronella pots. The church chose them because we’ve had windy weather and the citronella flames stand up to the wind better.

Flames flaring on five candles, with a wreath around their bases and candle smoke glowing above them.