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How do you spend Christmas?

Someone please tell me.

Tried to pay the heating bill with Christmas
but they cut me off anyway.

Tried to pay the rent with it
but landlord just threw me out.

So someone please tell me:

How do you spend Christmas?

©2017 David W. Jones

Remember the day God created the world?

We were all there


           in glory

           like children

           our beauty

           like flowers


           in the wind.

Then God spoke a word.

We first saw it

           a small dot in God’s hand,

           we all gathered around,

           What is that?

Then it exploded

           caught those of us

           too close

           into itself

           into whirling






© 2017 David W. Jones

Perhaps appropriate for this end of Easter Sunday, during National Poetry Month:

At the tomb of love

I came to say I was wrong,


                  start anew.

But you were already gone,

                        stone rolled away,

                        leaving me


© 2017 David W. Jones