As a longtime lover of books and bookshops…

I approve this message!

How Books and Bookshops Improve Our Mental Health – And Why We Must Protect Them | naked capitalism

If you wonder why I tagged it with “markets”, our local bookstores are markets for our books, too. Especially if you’re self-publishing!

Observation about credit/debit card security

My debit card was one of those harvested courtesy of Home Depot.

So far, our compromised card count includes:

  • My current debit card (courtesy of Home Depot)
  • Mine and my wife’s debit cards (courtesy of Target)
  • A MasterCard and a debit card (courtesy of T.J. Maxx).

Notice what’s common about the list?


We use other cards at many online retailers. Never once has one of those cards been compromised.

So, sorry, B&M retailers: Don’t go whining FUD about how “insecure shopping online is.” Shopping at your stores is what’s insecure.

YOU need to prove your security before I resume shopping with you.