Advice to storytellers from me

Tell the story that needs to be told, in the way it needs to be told, to the length it needs to be told.

Don’t poison a story by insisting it must be an apple when it’s really an orange.

Don’t stunt a story by forcing it beyond its natural growth nor by forcing it to grow in a box too small.

“Genres” and “standard story lenghs” are publisher’s artefacts, not part of storytelling.

Breakthroughs don’t come through abiding by conventions and working in boxes.

For those creatives sentenced to the hell called “town”

Newly chartered CreativeMornings HNL to hold lecture series Hawaii – Pacific Business News

At least the first one sounds interesting. If starting way too early in the day!

Also feeling kind of stoked

At my day job, a bunch of us did a fundraiser for Hawaii Foodbank on Friday. I brought 14 photos in various sizes (8″x8″, 8″x12″, 9″x25″ and a pair of 57″x10″ panoramas).

A coworker did an awesome job of matting 10 of them. We couldn’t matt the big panos, they were bigger than the matt boards.

We sold 10 of them. Including BOTH of the big panoramas.

Do something for charity this holiday season: you’ll both do good and feel good.

So stoked! 🙂

Church Stand Doodle


In lieu of taking my camera to church this morning, I brought my tablet. After all, I could take pictures with it if I wanted. But (inspired by blackpenart) I had decided to do some sketching instead.

This was the only tolerable one that came out. It was sketched quickly between songs (I play keyboards in the band). The top of the music stand looks like it’s toppling over. So when I noticed that the orientation of the shadow was wrong, I decided ex post facto that the top was toppling over into the shadow. Then it would land oriented to match the shadow.

As always, done using Artflow: Paint Draw Sketchbook.

Anyway, was nice to sketch, I think I’ll be doing more. Hope you like it!