Tell the story that needs to be told, in the way it needs to be told, to the length it needs to be told.

Don’t poison a story by insisting it must be an apple when it’s really an orange.

Don’t stunt a story by forcing it beyond its natural growth nor by forcing it to grow in a box too small.

“Genres” and “standard story lenghs” are publisher’s artefacts, not part of storytelling.

Breakthroughs don’t come through abiding by conventions and working in boxes.

Twidere is a very nice F/LOSS Twitter client available through FDroid:


Trying to login to Twitter with it gives “Incorrect API Settings” message


Remove the account. Somehow you’ll get to an Advanced > Network > API settings screen that has a Load Defaults button. Tap it. When it’s finished, go to Accounts and add your account back.


How to log out of Twitter from Twidhere?


Remove the account. Not at all intuitive, but that’s how it works.

10:30 AM, October 19, at the Kapolei Public Library, I and three other Hawaii Fiction Writers members will each be reading a story for the annual HFW Scary Stories Halloween reading. Followed by lunch at the Kapolei Assagio’s, server of extremely tasty Italian cuisine.

My story is about a man, a mouse, and the association of small things: Just A Little Scary.

For more information, see the event on the Hawaii State Library site.

So come and be scared, if you dare!