Don’t forget luck, too!

Why people reward innate talent over hard work – BBC Worklife

The key is to develop the habit of creating. Preferably regularly. Reward and appreciate your subconscious and other selves for their ideas!


Advice about moving to Hawaii to work

If you’re thinking of moving to the Hawaiian Islands, get hired for a job you can do here first, then move! And be prepared to sacrifice a lot to stay here.

Or be very rich.


  • Living here is very expensive.
  • Pay scales are not competitive with pay scales at other, similarly-expensive areas.
  • Many employers won’t hire people new to the islands until you’ve been here 3-6 months.

They’ve been burned too many times by people that came to the islands on vacation, decided they loved the islands so much they had to stay, got hired somewhere here – then went back to where they came from when our cost of living hit them. Like when their first two-weeks’ paycheck came to less than their apartment rent.

How going above and beyond at work became required – BBC Worklife

How very true! “Meets expectations” performance would net you a 3% raise (a net-pay cut vs inflation). Going “above and beyond” might get you 4-5%. Still a net pay cut.

Sad that this was from an employer that was always talking about and promoting employee health, well-being, and work-life balance.