Tell the story that needs to be told, in the way it needs to be told, to the length it needs to be told.

Don’t poison a story by insisting it must be an apple when it’s really an orange.

Don’t stunt a story by forcing it beyond its natural growth nor by forcing it to grow in a box too small.

“Genres” and “standard story lenghs” are publisher’s artefacts, not part of storytelling.

Breakthroughs don’t come through abiding by conventions and working in boxes.

10:30 AM, October 19, at the Kapolei Public Library, I and three other Hawaii Fiction Writers members will each be reading a story for the annual HFW Scary Stories Halloween reading. Followed by lunch at the Kapolei Assagio’s, server of extremely tasty Italian cuisine.

My story is about a man, a mouse, and the association of small things: Just A Little Scary.

For more information, see the event on the Hawaii State Library site.

So come and be scared, if you dare!

When you die and go to Heaven, you get a shiny new body.

Unfortunately, the angels planned on having a lot more people in Heaven than chose to go.

So when you die and go to Heaven, you get shiny new bodies (plural). Three thousand four hundred thirty two, to be precise.

And St Peter at the pearly gates says, “Welcome to Heaven, James Thomas Frederickson-1. Welcome to Heaven, James Thomas Frederickson-2. Welcome to Heaven, James Thomas Frederickson-3.” And so on.

When he’s done, you step through the gates and spend eternity meeting each of the 3432 bodies of everyone else in Heaven.

The End

©2019 David W. Jones