How very true!

Never stop telling your story.


You may have:

  • The strength of an enraged Hulk
  • The speed of The Flash
  • The brains and flexibility of Mr Fantastic

But if you have no desire to beat your opponent, you’ll never make it as a superhero or pro athlete.

Or finish a book.


We Christians follow a God that we believe created the universe.

We believe all humans were created in the image and likeness of God.

So we create things in this world as part of being images of God.

God is creative, so are we: priests of creation.

A priest of creation enables this world to praise God in ways it could not do on its own.

We also believe that if you have God’s gift of creativity and bury it in the ground, you will end up weeping and gnashing your teeth.

So go, all of you, and be priests of creation!