I love old words, and old meanings of words. The old meanings add depth, the difference between old and new hints at the social, cultural and linguistic changes that happened along the way. (My favorite dictionary, of couse, is the only complete dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary.)

So stop being a scobblelotcher and go learn some old insults!

According to my blog stats, Mondays are the most popular viewing day, and 6:00 PM is the most popular viewing hour.

Flattering to think people view my blog to reward or console themselves after their Monday work day!

I promise it doesn’t appear in Dark Paradise: Mysteries in the Land of Aloha, so you can safely buy your copy and BE GLORIOUS. In fact, if you want, you can go buy the book and read something great instead of this bad joke. 😉

Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both 95 years old, were walking together in the park near their retirement home.

“You know, they want me to act in a new movie,” Arnold said. “And I told them I wanted you to have a role, too.”

Sly looked at him. “What is it – ‘Escape Plan 22: End of the Line’?”

“No, it’s a musical biopic about two famous composers who come back from the dead and save the world.”

Sly thought about it. There wasn’t a lot of work for old action stars. At least it was something. 

“So what’s the role?”

“You be Beethoven, and I’ll be Bach.”

Sly beat Arnold to death with his walker.




It is here.

  • The cover reveal whereat you may interact with authors via the Dark Art of Facebookery
  • The book itself in both utilitarian ebook and the lush, sensual, fondle-my-pages-with-your-fingers-oh-that-feels-so-good-baby trade paperback form

So go grab a copy and find out just what my heroine does about her embarassing blackmailer problem.

Read the glorious stories by the other 16 authors, including my wife’s story (learn what to do about husbands who suddenly insist we must leave the country right now and start driving like maniacs).

Then flood the internet with 5***** reviews and BE GLORIOUS!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Calay!

Not here yet but the gloriously-itchy trigger finger of our gunslinger (yes, I did just finish reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, so I hope you understand what I mean by ‘gunslinger’) Gail pulled the trigger. (No, she didn’t do herself harm due to stress overload.) 

Instead! The Anthology arrives in the Magik Kingdom of Amazon in [3-5 days from 3/29]… so the GLORIOUS COVER REVEAL has been rescheduled to TOMORROW, March 31. So rearrange your social media calendars and plan to BE GLORIOUS AT THE FACEBOOK PAGE!

You MUST see the cover! Even screaming Billy the Squid (who is eaten alive by his family in a short short story I just finished two days ago) would cease screaming as the GLORIOUS COVER wiped away all his pains, soothed his troubled soul, and welcomed him into the eternal kingdom of endless joy. (Not only do all dogs go to heaven, so do squids.)