And in my opinion at least one of their employees shared them with China, another with North Korea, and a third with Israel.

The NSA and Russian intelligence already have backdoor access and get Facebook passwords and data in realtime.

“Paranoia it strikes deep.”

Privacy and security issues to keep in mind:

  • Tracking user preferences, location etc.
  • Convoluted privacy policy changes
  • Disturbing and annoying advertising in apps or on websites
  • Targeting with commercial and political messages
  • Unwanted notifications and marketing
  • Use of personal data for commercial purposes
  • Exposing private messages add emails publicly
  • Exposing search history publicly
  • An app posting on user’s behalf
  • Difficulty to export personal data
  • Difficulty to cancel a subscription
  • Hidden fees and costs not explicitly mentioned
  • Importing contacts of friends
  • Trolling and stalking online
  • Data breach of login, password and credit card details
  • Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts being hacked.

From Smashing Magazine