And how good a writer were you at ages 9 or 12?

Barbara Newhall Follett, American child prodigy novelist:

Reportedly depressed about her marriage, she mysteriously disappeared at age 25.

John Sauget’s “The Menehune and the Leprechaun” coloring book

The last time we’d seen our friend and fellow WOW Group member John Sauget, he was reviewing draft drawings for the children’s coloring storybook he was writing.

Then we ran into him at the local RWA chapter’s social event at Hukilau Sports Bar & Grill in town. And he had copies of his published coloring storybook!

It tells the story of Seamus, a leprechaun who arrives in Hawaii by escaping from a whaling ship. There he meets a lovely menehune, Kawila. As they get to know each other, they (and the reader) get to learn some Hawaiian, some Gaelic, and some Hawaiian and Gaelic folklore about the little people. (It concludes with a spelling and pronunciation guide to the Hawaiian and Gaelic phrases used.)

Helena Aiona Smith and Lovey Slater also contributed.

The LeprechaunAndTheMenehuneCiover-320x243 The full-color cover is beautifully drawn. The interior drawings, by local artist Phil “Tiki” Wulf, are cute and really invite you to whip out your crayons or color markers and have at. (Parents, restrain yourselves, or buy your own copy!)

The book’s available as a paperback on Amazon. It’s also available as an ebook, but what’s the fun of a coloring EBOOK?

You can contact John at

He’s already working on a sequel to tell more of the adventures of Kawila, Seamus and their son Kale (Hawaiian name pronounced “KAH-lay”, not “KAYL”), the Leprehune.