How various specialists organize things

Doctors: In files, patiently.

Massage therapists: Manually.

Information Technology students:
Undergrads: In file systems.
Graduate students: In databases.
PhD: In qubits kept in machine-learning systems.

Historians: In middens, most recent on top.

Logicians: In symbols, logically.

Philosophers: Meaningfully.

Billionaires: In personal assistants and flunkies.

Theoretical physicists: In quantum fields.

Experimental physicists: In measurements and error bars.

Network engineers: In packets and subnets.

House painters: In buckets.

Starbucks employees: In cups (Demi, Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, Trenta).

Charismatic preachers: In revelations and tongues.

Prophets: In signs and wonders.

Astrologers: In star charts and sun signs.

FBI Special Agents: In cases.

Judges: In dockets, judiciously.

Writers: In plots, characteristically.

A Music Review

Currently listening to: Beeping, Crunching and Grinding Noises by The Roadwork Crew. Industrial sounds courtesy of Honolulu City & County resurfacing the loop in front of our townhouse complex for the first time since they built the road.

Despite being machine-generated, it successfully captures the rhythm and flow of natural work as they strip off the top couple of inches of road, clean and clear the surface, lay down a new layer of blacktop, then roll it flat with a two-roller vehicle that periodically generates deep, throbbing bass sounds as it works. (Move over, hip hop, there’s a new kid in town.)

Occasional conversions between construction crewmembers serve to connect the performance together. With airhorns providing accents at times.

This is day 4 of the live performance.

A friend emailed, said he’s Scotch

Scotch is a form of whiskey. The people are Scots.

I replied, “How that got into your ancestry must be an interesting story. Does this mean you’re immune to hangovers? Do you have to pay alcohol import duties on yourself when you travel? Are you flammable?”

He hasn’t responded yet. Maybe someone poured him back into the bottle and he can’t get out.

Don’t be stuck in the bottle. Grammar matters.

A bit from a story in progress

One of the problems with adults is they stop believing in real things. They only believe in made-up things, like stock markets, marketing plans, reality TV and internet memes. See, adults think they know what reality is, while they’re only squinting at the shadows moving on the cave wall.

David W. Jones