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Blog topics:

  • My creative efforts – fiction, poetry, music, art, photography
  • Thoughts on storytelling, art and music, and relationships between those subjects and science
  • Sites for news, tutorials, techniques and resources aimed at creators of music and writing
  • Howtos and reviews for writers and other creative people – software, hardware, social media, brainstorming apps, tools for getting or staying organized, tracking and managing your files, etc
  • Personal adventures in setting up things such as a content management system for backups, versioning and managing files for stories, music, art
  • Mobile creativity
  • Collaborative sites for creative people
  • Book, music, art and photography reviews

About the blogger

  • Writes poetry, fiction, music
  • Has written plays, film scripts, radio scripts, software documentation and user guides
  • Bachelors and Masters degrees in English (Creative Writing)
  • Retired. Used to work with enterprise content management and web publishing for HMSA
  • Played music professionally
  • Been a radio DJ
  • Designed games, software and web sites
  • Former computer consultant, computer sales rep, and systems analyst
  • Taught business and technical writing at college
  • Trained adults to use technology

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