Peace on earth and goodwill and…

A photograph from 2006, shot with my 500mm Konica-Minolta mirror telephoto lens on my Maxxum 7D.

I was a pretty good distance away. The multiplier for the camera turned the 500mm into 750mm.

I added the text for selective use as one of our family Christmas cards this year. Only special friends got this version.

The bird was sitting on top of a vine-covered picnic area along Waikiki Beach. The area doesn’t exist anymore; Honolulu City & County decided Waikiki needed to be gussied up. After all, we wouldn’t want local folk hanging out there playing chess when we could have rich tourists wandering around there instead. The tourist crowd has been ruining Waikiki since at least the 1950s, so why stop now?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photo and funny!


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