How various specialists organize things

Doctors: In files, patiently.

Massage therapists: Manually.

Information Technology students:
Undergrads: In file systems.
Graduate students: In databases.
PhD: In qubits kept in machine-learning systems.

Historians: In middens, most recent on top.

Logicians: In symbols, logically.

Philosophers: Meaningfully.

Billionaires: In personal assistants and flunkies.

Theoretical physicists: In quantum fields.

Experimental physicists: In measurements and error bars.

Network engineers: In packets and subnets.

House painters: In buckets.

Starbucks employees: In cups (Demi, Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, Trenta).

Charismatic preachers: In revelations and tongues.

Prophets: In signs and wonders.

Astrologers: In star charts and sun signs.

FBI Special Agents: In cases.

Judges: In dockets, judiciously.

Writers: In plots, characteristically.


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