A Pictorial Tour of the Ige Administration

Front view:

Ige Administration front view

Back view:

Ige Administration rear view

What’s inside (click to watch):

Click to watch video

Note: There IS light at the end of the tunnel – when we get rid of Governor Ige.


The Yugo

A rich snooty asshole orders an Uber after escaping unharmed from a car crash. Only one that shows up is a rusty Yugo. Argues with driver but gets in.

Discovers that instead of driving him directly to destination, it drives slowly through every place his friends/peers/rivals gather so they see him. He hears their comments, laughter, derision.

When he tries to get out, door won’t open. Driver turns a demonic face toward him and says, “Sorry, you died in that crash. Welcome to Hell!”

The End