When You Die And Go To Heaven: A Fable

When you die and go to Heaven, you get a shiny new body.

Unfortunately, the angels planned on having a lot more people in Heaven than chose to go.

So when you die and go to Heaven, you get shiny new bodies (plural). Three thousand four hundred thirty two, to be precise.

And St Peter at the pearly gates says, “Welcome to Heaven, James Thomas Frederickson-1. Welcome to Heaven, James Thomas Frederickson-2. Welcome to Heaven, James Thomas Frederickson-3.” And so on.

When he’s done, you step through the gates and spend eternity meeting each of the 3432 bodies of everyone else in Heaven.

The End

©2019 David W. Jones


If you have a web site

Privacy and security issues to keep in mind:

  • Tracking user preferences, location etc.
  • Convoluted privacy policy changes
  • Disturbing and annoying advertising in apps or on websites
  • Targeting with commercial and political messages
  • Unwanted notifications and marketing
  • Use of personal data for commercial purposes
  • Exposing private messages add emails publicly
  • Exposing search history publicly
  • An app posting on user’s behalf
  • Difficulty to export personal data
  • Difficulty to cancel a subscription
  • Hidden fees and costs not explicitly mentioned
  • Importing contacts of friends
  • Trolling and stalking online
  • Data breach of login, password and credit card details
  • Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts being hacked.

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