Things I hate about tablet computers

  • No simple way to backup my data.
  • No simple way to backup the SYSTEM, nor restore it should I need to do a factory reset. For my tablet, that puts it back to Android 4, and the manufacturer no longer makes tablets nor offers the update to Android 5 that I have on it now.
  • No option to replace it with a newer Android unless the manufacturer offers that (and very few do). And don’t you Apple addicts smirk, since Apple regularly stops supplying newer versions of iOS for older, still functioning phones.
  • No app integration – my old Palm Pilot was way more integrated than Android or iOS!
  • The YAPFF (Yet Another Proprietary File Format) problem: storing my data in a format only understood by that one app, forever and ever, amen.
  • Spyware and web tracking built into the foundation of the OS.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu decided to discontinue their Ubuntu for Phones project. iOS is too much of a walled garden for me, plus it doesn’t have one of my fave apps (ArtFlow Studio). And the Windows tablets are great hardware severely crippled by Windows, with all its tracking, spyware and ability to only get apps from the Windows Store.

Stupid phone and tablet makers.


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