Church Stand Doodle


In lieu of taking my camera to church this morning, I brought my tablet. After all, I could take pictures with it if I wanted. But (inspired by blackpenart) I had decided to do some sketching instead.

This was the only tolerable one that came out. It was sketched quickly between songs (I play keyboards in the band). The top of the music stand looks like it’s toppling over. So when I noticed that the orientation of the shadow was wrong, I decided ex post facto that the top was toppling over into the shadow. Then it would land oriented to match the shadow.

As always, done using Artflow: Paint Draw Sketchbook.

Anyway, was nice to sketch, I think I’ll be doing more. Hope you like it!


Eyebrow Hair Man

Doodle started after testing my wife’s Samsung tablet using the pressure-sensitive stylus of my Tegra Note tablet. Turns out that her Samsung does NOT respond to the Tegra stylus as a pressure-sensitive stylus. Guess that explains why Samsung makes the excellent (but not nearly as affordably priced!) SPen instead.

Was nice to be back drawing on my Tegra. And Artflow: Paint Draw Sketchbook is just plain fun. 🙂

You hate the homeless

Mr Mayor, members of the city council:

You love the rich. They make campaign contributions. They profit mightily from the system you support.

The homeless make no campaign contributions. They are victims of the corruption from which you profit.

They are the daily reminders of your guilt, judgement of your sin, and guaranty of your place in hell.