KHNL: Honolulu auditor criticizes city’s homelessness initiatives

Of course our mayor and city council are mismanaging the ‘house the homeless’ programs. They don’t want to “house” the homeless. They want to punish the homeless for being homeless, victims of the city’s response to developers of housing for rich people is always: “Yes, sir, build it wherever and how tall you like.”

They’re also massively mismanaging our $$$$$$$$-and-counting junk rail project.

I think it’s because they believe that the only use for our tax money is to repay the bribes AKA campaign contributions they got from developers and the construction industry.

I shall continue to vote no incumbents for mayor or city council.


3 thoughts on “KHNL: Honolulu auditor criticizes city’s homelessness initiatives

    1. Not just political games. Political games grow out oi the heart.

      Money, power, mistreating those weaker than them just to puff up their own egos. What happened to the message of the Christ and other wise people: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’? Sunk by those whose answer to the related question ‘Who is my neighbor?’ is ‘Not them! They’re dirty, smelly, crazy, lazy, SCARY – UNLIKE ME!’

      Fear is the opposite of faith.

      1. Yes, you are right. you explained the reason behind it very nicely.
        Actually people don’t follow the real message of religion/ spirituality.
        Thank you so much David.

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