Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars | US news | The Guardian

Adjunct professors are only one step above unpaid interns. And they’re not getting paid a living wage, in my opinion, because of the huge pay going to university administrators!


Oh, and the criminal act of spending millions on collegiate football in the USA.


KHNL: Honolulu auditor criticizes city’s homelessness initiatives

Of course our mayor and city council are mismanaging the ‘house the homeless’ programs. They don’t want to “house” the homeless. They want to punish the homeless for being homeless, victims of the city’s response to developers of housing for rich people is always: “Yes, sir, build it wherever and how tall you like.”


They’re also massively mismanaging our $$$$$$$$-and-counting junk rail project.

I think it’s because they believe that the only use for our tax money is to repay the bribes AKA campaign contributions they got from developers and the construction industry.

I shall continue to vote no incumbents for mayor or city council.