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Particularly powerful quote from the above:

At times like these, Christians like to smile sweetly and say, “God is in control.”

No. God is not in control like that.

God didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you did.

Stop passing the buck to God.

God isn’t defacing prayer rooms.

God isn’t taunting gay teenagers.

God is not bullying kids on buses.

God is not carrying torches through cities.

God isn’t threatening Muslim families.

Lots of white people (many who claim to be Christians are.)

When I went through the full testing that underlies the stereotypical personality types (such as introvert<>extravert, intuition<>sensation, thinking<>feeling, judging<>perceiving), I was identified as a particular subtype of the introvert. The Expressive Introvert.

We Expressive Introverts procsss everthing internally. Then we need to tell someone outside what we think.

Sounds to me like the archetype of a blogger. 😉