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Yes, science fiction is still fun!

All The World’s A Stage

While you’re there at Daily Science Fiction, subscribe to get a new story via email (Monday-Friday), and check out their submission guidelines. They’re a market for fantasy, science fiction, and a number of similar/related subgenre stories, as well as science fiction art.


This story is by my beautiful, wonderful wife, a Goodness On The Face Of The Earth™ whom I love more than anything. So some may disregard whatever I say about it because of that fact.

Oh, well. Their loss.

This story is about what happens when you let sleeping secrets lie: They come lunging from the dark to grab you by the throat!

It starts on the windward side, charges through sibling rivalry, kidnapping, assault and battery, Honolulu rush hour traffic (the most horrifying beast in the world), near death on the freeway, then ends in a car crash. All the characters feel like real people. One even channels some of my late mother-in-law’s favorite phrases. Which I think is a delightful touch – my MIL was the absolute antithesis of the stereotye!

So go buy the Dark Paradise anthology, read Shauna’s story, and take another step toward making your life GLORIOUS!

The Guggenheim Museum, in partnership with, is making their collection of art books available free for reading online or download in various ebook formats (PDF, EPUB, Kindle, etc).

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Many of them are catalogs of exhibitions, with reproductions of the paintings and what the catalog author had to say about each.

There are currently 205 books available.

So if you’re a starving art student, or someone just wants to learn more about fine art, go check it out.

Subtitled “A Danny Morales Mystery”, this mystery has it all. A murder that looks like the return of a long-thought-dead-but-never-caught serial killer, a PI who can see and talk with ghosts, the PI’s friend whose mother-in-law is murdered, clues and complications, characters who feel their emotions like real people, and a great twist ending. All set in Waikiki.

If you haven’t read a Danny Morales mystery before, you owe it to yourself to buy the anthology now and read this story. You will thank me. You’re welcome!

A very-well done reweaving of the mystery in Hitchcock’s famous movie, Rear Window, into local community Kaimuki. (By the way, the author knows the movie inside and out.)

The narrator – a retired man who likes to observe things (so he built an observation tower/den on top of his house!) – sees the suspicious young man next door bury something in the backyard late at night. The narrator and his wife like movie role-playing, so the story goes along with frequent references to the movie as they play their parts to uncover a bloody murder.

If you like the movie, with some interesting variations on the characters, and enjoy the author’s deft gift for light comedy (which I do), go buy the anthology and enjoy the Kaimuki Murder Mystery. You won’t regret it!

This entertaining and touching story is all about, well, choices.

Two local guys, Jonah and Kaha, grew up together. BFFs. Jonah chooses to rob a bank, using Kaha as the getaway driver without telling Kaha what he has planned. Kaha’s caught and charged with the robbery; Jonah isn’t caught. Kaha chooses to take the rap, leaving his wife and his growing kids (including young son Makaio) to struggle. Jonah struggles, too, making various choices until he’s killed in a bar fight. Makaio makes choices, too, especially when he and his friend Tom find the stolen money. Then they have to make a choice. But what choice do they make?

Even the reader gets to make a choice.

The characters are well-realized, their motivations understandable. Even the author becomes a character. It’s always good when authors are honest enough to admit that they’re in their stories, too.

So go buy the anthology and make your choice!

Update 2017.5.6: Yesterday, a resident of a different address came to my door with my package. Turns out the UPS driver had delivered it to the wrong address. So I change what’s below to: “UPS: Teach your drivers to read addresses and deliver to the address on the package.”

Mahalo, fellow honest package recipient!

Don’t just leave packages “at front door or on the porch.” Especially when someone is visibly home AND the door is open. Ring the doorbell and actually hand the package to your customer. Don’t just silently drop the package at the front door and race back to your delivery truck as if the customer was going to bite you.

All you’re doing is actively participating in an industry thriving all across the United States: STEALING PACKAGES LEFT UNATTENDED BY DELIVERY DRIVERS AT FRONT DOORS.

Stupid UPS. YOU just enabled thieves to steal my package.

A strange, gruff mainlander rents a house in a smal local neighborhood (feels very local Windward side to me). He’s a loner, does nothing with anyone else, rarely leaves his house, doesn’t even have a dog!

The man living in the house next door to him, on the other hand, is friendly, visits with people, and fits right in.

Which of them – or both – is a murderer? In Alan Gunn’s skilled hands, don’t be so sure you know …

So go buy the anthology, read the story, and take your guess!