Dark Paradise: Mysteries in the Land of Aloha – Choices

This entertaining and touching story is all about, well, choices.

Two local guys, Jonah and Kaha, grew up together. BFFs. Jonah chooses to rob a bank, using Kaha as the getaway driver without telling Kaha what he has planned. Kaha’s caught and charged with the robbery; Jonah isn’t caught. Kaha chooses to take the rap, leaving his wife and his growing kids (including young son Makaio) to struggle. Jonah struggles, too, making various choices until he’s killed in a bar fight. Makaio makes choices, too, especially when he and his friend Tom find the stolen money. Then they have to make a choice. But what choice do they make?

Even the reader gets to make a choice.

The characters are well-realized, their motivations understandable. Even the author becomes a character. It’s always good when authors are honest enough to admit that they’re in their stories, too.

So go buy the anthology and make your choice!


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