Dear Useless Parcel Service AKA UPS

Update 2017.5.6: Yesterday, a resident of a different address came to my door with my package. Turns out the UPS driver had delivered it to the wrong address. So I change what’s below to: “UPS: Teach your drivers to read addresses and deliver to the address on the package.”

Mahalo, fellow honest package recipient!

Don’t just leave packages “at front door or on the porch.” Especially when someone is visibly home AND the door is open. Ring the doorbell and actually hand the package to your customer. Don’t just silently drop the package at the front door and race back to your delivery truck as if the customer was going to bite you.

All you’re doing is actively participating in an industry thriving all across the United States: STEALING PACKAGES LEFT UNATTENDED BY DELIVERY DRIVERS AT FRONT DOORS.

Stupid UPS. YOU just enabled thieves to steal my package.


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