Dark Paradise: Mysteries in the Land of Aloha – Tsunami!

This one feels the most local of the bunch so far. Set on North Shore, but among people who live there. It has the local vibe, although surfers don’t wax their boards to make them go faster. (They wax the tops of their boards so they won’t slip off the board while surfing. And don’t get me started about earthquakes, tsunamis and storm surge.)

I’ve seen houses like that of the main character, Suzanne, on pilings real close to the shore. I have a friend who used to live in that area, in a 100+ year old house standing maybe 40-50’ from the water. The house had repeatedly been floated up into the valley behind it by monster surf and storm surges.

The mystery in this one is, who’s the incredibly skilled burglar cleaning out jewelry, electronics and other valuables even when the owners are home? It has a warm, gentle humor that made me laugh a couple of times. And the end will surprise you.

So go buy the Dark Paradise anthology and find out.


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