Not here yet but the gloriously-itchy trigger finger of our gunslinger (yes, I did just finish reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, so I hope you understand what I mean by ‘gunslinger’) Gail pulled the trigger. (No, she didn’t do herself harm due to stress overload.) 

Instead! The Anthology arrives in the Magik Kingdom of Amazon in [3-5 days from 3/29]… so the GLORIOUS COVER REVEAL has been rescheduled to TOMORROW, March 31. So rearrange your social media calendars and plan to BE GLORIOUS AT THE FACEBOOK PAGE!

You MUST see the cover! Even screaming Billy the Squid (who is eaten alive by his family in a short short story I just finished two days ago) would cease screaming as the GLORIOUS COVER wiped away all his pains, soothed his troubled soul, and welcomed him into the eternal kingdom of endless joy. (Not only do all dogs go to heaven, so do squids.)


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