Holy Poems: ​Christ is not

Christ is not the power of positive thinking.
                       the power of name-it-claim-it.

                       the power of Caesar.

Christ is the power of laying down your life

                      for everyone else.
© 2016 David W. Jones


An assignment for you

  1. Read Ted Chiang’s Nebula Award-winnig novella Story of your llfe
  2. Think about how you could turn it into a movie treatment. What would be the story in the movie?
  3. Write that story in a couple of paragraphs.
  4. Repeat #2 and #3 until you run out of ideas.
  5. Go see the movie when it comes out, and think about how it was like and different from your ideas.

    Or, if you prefer, see the movie first, write your ideas of the story, then read the novella.

    So how’d it turn out for you?

    Neil Gaiman: How Stories Last – The Long Now

    Source: Neil Gaiman: How Stories Last – The Long Now

    The summary on the site alone is good reading. Here’s its rendering of his conclusion:

    “You can view people as this peculiar byproduct that stories use for breeding and transmission. They are symbiotic with us. They are the thing that we have used since the dawn of humanity to become more than just one person.”

    If you’re not a member of The Long Now, the seminar’s available as a podcast.

    Maybe members can see it in the player; I couldn’t. Got error about the video not being found. While the Long Now is trying to think long-term, they do seem to be dependent on a dying technology known as Flash for their player …