Who’s my worst enemy? Me, myself and I!

[2016.2.21: Edited to add link to the pictorial poem mentioned below.]

My writing and creativity (and this blog) haven’t gotten much of anywhere lately.

“Why’s that?” maybe you ask. (Or maybe you’re still thinking about your worst enemy?)

A few things:

  • The quote “Life happens while you have other plans.”
    I’m currently employed full time doing other things elsewhere. So there’s the usual problem of (1) a hunk of time spent each week and (2) the resulting lack of available energy once (1) has been completed.
  • I’m the resident tech support person. So in the last few months:
    • Had to replace my wonderful wife’s netbook after it finally became intolerably slow, old and parts of the keyboard stopped working.
    • Said netbook replacement included learning enough Windows 10 (filthy piece of spyware!) to:
      • Upgrade its factory-installed Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (that took four days, thanks for finally getting around to offering the upgrade, Microsoft!)
      • Add Ubuntu Linux to it (which is what she uses – she hasn’t fired up Windows 10 even once!!!)
    • Migrated my laptop from a nice-but-gone-dormant Linux distribution to a more current one, so I could upgrade some creative programs I use.
    • Dealt with running out of drive space on the household server (What, 4 terabytes isn’t enough???!!!!).
    • Dealt with said server deciding to overheat and keel over when the both case fans both decided to quit working simultaneously.
    • Replace a dead amplifier for my music work.
  • Make digital versions of hymns for my church, St. Nicholas’s Episcopal Church, Kapolei. That’s been a big change for my church, since in its nine years of life, we’ve almost never once done a traditional hymn.
  • Taken, processed and posted photos for said church. Lately, mostly processed, since I’m trying to cut back on my photography effort there. Today I just posted the past four weeks worth of pictures, check them out. Most are by my friend Kevin, who has been enjoying his Christmas present, a shiny new Olympus DSLR.
  • And various other sundries just to keep things interesting.

Now some of those things needed to be done, so there was some justification for doing them.

But the times when I didn’t have other things to do, and had some energy available, I have to honestly say that I’ve rarely done any creating:

  • I have one pictorial poem, hope to put it up here. That one originated on the tablet, so it’s always been available to work on.
  • Prepared and printed a couple of good-sized (22″x10″) panoramas from a trip we made a couple of years ago to Napa, California.
  • Prepared a large panorama of the Honolulu-Diamond Head shoreline. If printed, it would be 17′ long!!!

One good thing from the last few months’ effort: I’ve finally caught up on ALL OF MY UNPROCESSED PHOTOS! 🙂

But I still have a storm of stories and ideas for stories, music and pictures. When I look at doing one of them:

  • Lazy Me decides he’d rather look at email, or read something on the web or Twitter, or read a book. (I’ve read a lot more books than I’ve usually done.)
  • Sensitive Me would also rather not do the stories that hurt. 😦
  • Indecisive Me can’t decide which one to work on, anyway.

So I added a new item to my To Do list, something to help me decide which of the hundreds of stories/ideas to do.

So let’s see how long it takes me to complete that item. 😉


One thought on “Who’s my worst enemy? Me, myself and I!

  1. “I’m currently employed full time doing other things elsewhere. So there’s the usual problem of (1) a hunk of time spent each week and (2) the resulting lack of available energy once (1) has been completed.”


    It doesn’t get any better later on—I’m 84 years of age, and my actual active time is now limited to Thursday afternoons… just about. If I ignore nap time. However, I have implemented measures to reduce the number of tasks that I once regularly performed, and simplified the rest—very soon my life will be much less hectic.

    My computer is the one device which is trending my way since Bill Gates dropped the Microsoft ball. Back in the 1980’s I started to compute using MS-DOS, and it was MS-DOS 4.0 which gave me the facial tic which still afflicts me—Gates should have been summarily executed for that one.

    I remember Windows 286, which I tried to install in my Tandy 1000. Never actually RAN it—wherever it is now, it’s probably still booting. I try to forget WIN 3.0, WIN ME and WIN 7.0 and my medications now help me sleep without the bad dreams. The twitch in my mouse hand isn’t really troublesome.

    Tried this new thing called Linux from Compuserve, and succeeding generations from Slackware to Ubuntu. The left side of my face dropped and this drooling thing started, as I tried to find my stuff in Linux menus.
    Torvalds is just as evil as Gates.

    Anyway, I returned to Microsoft and 64-bit WIN 10 Professional, the performance of which almost rivals that of WIN 286, although I have a fairly decent machine. The incorporated fans work well. I’m kept busy cleaning the matted dust off the air inlet screens which I might otherwise be breathing.

    Eventually, I tired of taking about half a day to load Paint Shop Pro and auto-fix a photograph, so I purchased a Chromebook. Oh, Google, where have you been all my life? No hard drive, no backup drive, no software to install and maintain. FAST! Everything in the clouds and stuff automatically saved there. I’m using this thing on my lap while the Microsoft monster keeps the spare room free of dust. Even school kids are starting to use Chromebooks. If those kids can, there’s hope for me too.

    I’m writing a Sci-Fi novel now, but it’s only at a 4,000-word part-outline so far.

    O.K. nap time.

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