Writers ALWAYS write from experience

How many of you have:

  • Fought a starving lion with your bare hands?
  • Cut and slashed desperately for your life as pirates swarmed over your treasure ship on the Spanish Main?
  • Fired bolt after bolt of disintegrating destruction at the alien invaders from Tau Ceti determined to slaughter the human race?
  • Stood at high noon on the streets of Laredo, six gun on your hip, as the lowdown bushwhacker who murdered your father finally comes out to face you?
  • Dived for cover as the Nazi machine gunner’s burst cut your buddy in two on the beach at Normandy?

Probably not many.

But you have all experienced terror, fear, despair, anger, pain, loss, love, loneliness, betrayal.

That’s the experience that makes the story real and meaningful.

Communicating that experience to our readers makes it stick and moves our stories from the “read once and forget” category to the “read again and get more of this writer’s stories!” category.

That last category is the rock upon which solid writing careers are built.


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