Karin on war

Karin is the main character of a series of fantasy novels I began in 1980. The first draft of one is finished but a long ways from being publishable!

Along the way, I have piles of notes, of scenes looking for homes, or just discussions amongst the characters around the fire. Here’s a quote from Karin:

“War is not a thing of glory, child. War is only a thing of necessity, like men hunting down a wolf that has found a liking for man-flesh, or a man suffering a fever while resisting a sickness. With the wolf, you kill it or it kills you; with the fever, you endure it until it breaks, or the sickness slays you. I have been through enough of them to know.”

Something to think about in this world where so many people seem to think that war is something we must bankrupt ourselves to pursue.


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