What’s this blog about?

What’s this blog about? AT THE MOMENT, the boat just launched on a voyage of discovery, sharing and helping others. See the About page for possible topics and more information!

I intend to ramp up doing things I’ve enjoyed doing very much:

  • Writing stories and poetry
  • Making music, photographs and art
  • Explaining technical things in non-technical ways to non-technical people.

And add some new things:

  • Think and write about scientific discoveries about storytelling, art and music
  • Discover, learn and think about how technology affects creators, how we interact with it, create with it, how we can create create together using it. Creators and technology have been closely linked since humans first discovered rocks and sticks!

I read books, watch movies, listen to music. Sometimes I write reviews of them.

So expect some of all the above.

Along the way, I hope people might occasionally buy some of my creations – fiction, poetry, music, photographs and other art.

My background? Varied, as they say. Started with degrees in creative writing. I’ve been a musician, radio DJ, designer of various things, college professor, technology trainer. I currently work with enterprise content management and web publishing for a large local firm.

I’m sure that whatever I think the blog is about now will change over time. (If you’re familiar with quantum physics, its quantum wave function hasn’t collapsed to a particular eigenstate yet.) We’ll discover that as we go!

I hope you’ll come along on the voyage!


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